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Costa Palmas Partners with the Guild at Awards Ceremony

Recently Costa Palmas partnered with the East Cape Guild A. C. (ECG) to award 18 scholarships to deserving students from La Ribera and the East Cape region. With free education in Mexico only offered through the 9th grade, families must assume the sometimes daunting financial responsibility of continuing their child’s education. To ease this burden, 23 years ago the nonprofit East Cape Guild created an annual scholarship program that rewards students who have financial need, are excelling in their studies and are interested in furthering their education.



Supporting and empowering the next generation is in line with Costa Palmas core values, specifically investing in and creating a positive impact on the community. With this in mind, the scholarship selection process included a set of interviews with two Costa Palmas representatives and resulted in awarding 13 high school students a total of $2,850 USD to cover academic tuition and transportation and 5 college students $2,500 USD to cover a portion of their tuition. 



A formal awards ceremony was held on May 18th in Los Barriles as each student was presented with their scholarship certificate. Jorge Hernan, Fabiola Rodriguez Cesena and Cristina Dyson represented Costa Palmas at the well-attended and celebratory community event. 



Costa Palmas looks forward to continuing to support the educational goals of East Cape youth in the years to come.