Meet the Students

The 2017 Becados

Applications for becas (scholarships) are delivered in January to the Secondaria and Preparatoria schools in the East Cape. The students submit the completed application along with a letter they compose in English and Spanish stating why they want a scholarship. A verification of school attendance and grades, a copy of their birth certificate and letters of recommendation must also be submitted. The applications are reviewed by the scholarship committee members and a number score is assigned to each student. After a careful review of the potential recipients, the scholarships are decided based on need and scholastic achievements.

In May the proud students and their families gather at La Concha in Los Barriles to receive their awards. Local government officials and professors help hand out the certificates and offer their congratulations.


Award Ceremony and family support of the students

Meet some of your student 2015 Becados


Jennifer Alajandra DeLa Pena

Jennifer is from Miraflores and her goal is to be a psychologist


Sharon Nahomy Poblano Sanchez

Sharon is from Miraflores and her goal is to be an anesthesiologist


Agueda Carolina Aguiar Garcia

Agueda Carolina is from La Ribera wants to be a computer equipment technician


Gabriela Alejandra Marron Castro

Gabriela is from La Ribera, her goal is to be a veterinarian


Alfredo Aldahir Cota Garcia

Alfredo is from Los Barriles wants to be a veterinarian


Miriam Yair Verduzco Cosio

Miriam is from Miraflores with a gpa of 9. Her goal is to be a teacher