Backing the Best
Our becados have earned their scholarships through hard work and dedication.

We're honored to be able to help them turn their hopes and dreams into reality.

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You Can Help
Just being a member and participating in events helps our students.
**note Events/Misc. include(Bocce ball, Baja haha golf, Monte Carlo Night, Roadrunner open mic.) Also a new fundraising event we are trying is GoFundMe.

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Current Finances

Guild events are a major sources of funding.
The Guild holds several events that involve the community such as the Bi-annual Baha HaHa golf tournament, Bocce ball tournaments and "Monte Carlo Night". Added this year is our Scholarship drive via Go Fund Me which allows for anyone to donate any amount directly to our scholarship fund effort.

These events were fun as well as profitable, but without the generosity of our community, whose donations totaled over $21,000 for 2015, the scholarship fund would have fallen short of needs.

The Guild also dipped its toes into the social media arena. This past year we augmented our scholarship funds with GoFundMe a new social media fund drive event. We hope to continue utilizing this type of social media to get a wider audience beyond our local guild members.

2015 Actual
Dues 2015/2016 $ 3,550.00
Cookbooks/Notecards $ 145.15
Donations $21,407.03
**Events/Misc $35,883.59
TOTAL INCOME $60,985.77
ICF Charges $ 1425.92
Misc. Charges $ 3937.50
NET INCOME $55,622.35
2016 Budget
Dues 2016-17 $3,000.00
GoFundMe $ 6,500.00
Donations $20,000.00
Events/Misc $19,700.00
TOTAL INCOME $49,200.00
ICF Charges $ 1,500.00
Other $ 1,600.00
NET INCOME $46,100.00